Also known as the Silverfish, depending on who is telling the tale and where in the country you might find yourself. While all Yellowfish belongs to the family Labeobarbus, this specie is categorized with the Barbus species(Mudfish), although it far more resembles the "lifestyle" of the Yellowfish.

I'm sure all the Ichthyologists have a good reason why it remains with the muddies but for the purpose of this entry we would be more comfortable if you too see this as a Yellowfish since it involves all the Yellowfish patterns and therefor carries the same concern in terms of habitat and threat.

As one of the smaller Yellowfish it might not be as favored as its bigger brothers but can reach a size of around 400mm and slightly over. Yet another record on this fish that I just can't wrap my head around, indicates that the official record is 1.35kg which is quite remarkable for this smaller specie, yet I don't think we will soon see that matched in its natural habitat again soon. While our natural habitat and water quality these days, deteriorates faster than it takes a policeman to responds on a emergency call, it leaves much to doubt if it even could be broken.

The Papermouth or Whitefish can be identified by its color where the body is covered in silver scales but has a light-  to fuller orange lining  on the soft rays of all the fins. The mouth also is larger than other species much like the Largemouth Yellow and does not point downward as you might find with say, the Smallmouth Yellowfish.