Tilapia Sparmanii   Banded Tilapias   Vlei Kurper

Oreochromis Mozambicus   Blue Tilapias   Blou Kurper

Pseudocrenilabrus Philander   Dwarf Tilapias   Dwerg Kurper

Tilapia Rendali   Redbreast Tilapias   Rooibors Kurper

Barbus Paleodinosus   Straight Fin Barbs   Ghieliemientjie

All these fish species mentioned will contribute to the cleaning of the dams. In summer
season when it gets very hot as well as with the rain together the phosphates, nitrates,
and lightning and heat algae starts to grow aggressively.

All of the above promotes the
growth of all different kinds of water plants, weeds and water grass. All of these
mentioned will take a dam over in less than a season.

If a dam were stocked right from
the beginning these problems would be solved and stopped. You will also attract the
most beautiful birdlife for instance the fish eagle etc.

The Banded Tilapia and the Redbreast Tilapia will eat and take care of the soft to
the medium plant materials. Like the sprouts of all water plants.

The Blue Tilapia takes care of the algae and slime in and on top of the water surface.

The Dwarf Tilapia takes care of living organisms like mosquitoes, bacteria and small frogs.

The Ghieliemientjie are excellent breeding fish and breeds every 60 days in summer and will attract the most beautiful bird life. They also take care of mosquitoes problems.

We also sell Black Bass which is an excellent fish for angling, but it is very important to first stock a dam with the Tilapia species before you introduce Bass into a dam.

The Blue Tilapia and Redbreast Tilapia grow up to 3kg in natural dams and are also very popular angling fish.